Christchurch four years after the February 2011 earthquake

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The impact of the 2011 earthquake, and the many thousands which have followed, continue to effect [sic] the lives of everyone in Christchurch and its surrounding towns and regions. Conversations with friends in the pub or round the BBQ often turn to vexed issues of repairs, rebuilds and insurance. However, the first question Christchurch locals will ask those they meet for the first time is: ‘Where were you when the quake hit?’ (

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a city in between times

Christchurch is no longer what it was. Christchurch is not yet what it is meant to become. After the recent earthquakes, Christchurch lives now a ‘time in between times’. While buildings are demolished and empty sites wait for insurance payments, the city has to find a way of providing space and activity for ‘normal life’ to get back into place.  Read more…