The Comfort Pursuit

Job vs Career

‘A job is what you do for other people. A career is who you are’, Mark said. He told me that a career mission is driven by a desire to solve a particular set of problems. Your job is just whoever happens to be paying for you to do your mission at any one time. A career potentially spans many of these mission oriented jobs.

Inger Mewburn (The Thesis Whisperer), in How to be an Academic

Online teaching and learning for practice-based disciplines

Last August I wrote about the blended learning challenges I’d embrance in the new Design Communication subject at JCU.

When I started working at JCU I was given the Design Communication subject with students both in Townsville and Cairns, both groups enrolled at the same time and part of the same subject, while I am based in Cairns only. It soon became clear to me that, with the resources JCU makes available – it has invested a lot in online technologies, from Blackboard platforms with Collaborate tools, to Mediasite capability, videoconference equipment, document cameras and so forth – blended learning was the way to go.  Read more…

Month in review: November and December 2017, and January 2018

This condensed month in review post is unusual – a first to be fair! – and these past three months have been eventful ones. On 12th November I left Cairns to atend the International Urban Design Conference in the Gold Coast. From there I flew to Brazil where I participated in an examination panel in my old Architecture and Urbanism School where I did my Masters and was a keynote speaker in an event in the Architecture School where I undertook my Bachelor in Architecture and Urbanism. Read more…

Urban comfort in a compact city

Things have been quiet around here as I have been travelling for several weeks, and now I am trying slowly organising ‘normal life’. Even the ‘month in review’ posts, which are so important for me, my sanity and production, and which I hope you also like to read, haven’t been published since October. So I leave a promise here – for you and for me – that the next one, which will be published in the beginning of February, will have a full November, December and January summary. I can assure you some interesting things have happened so far.

Read more…

Urban Comfort: The physical and social landscape as constituent of the climate experience

I recently published a paper entitled “Urban Comfort: The physical and social landscape as constituent of the climate experience” (original in Portuguese: Conforto Urbano: A paisagem física e social como constituinte da experiência climática) in Cadernos do PROARQ. This is a Brazilian journal published in Portuguse by the Postgraduate Program in Architecture at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Read more…