Month in review: June 2022

June was a very (very!) busy month but lots of great things happened, including my son’s 4th birthday.

I also commited to presenting in an upcoming seminar in September, met one of my PhD students who recently managed to move to Australia after COVID delays, and travelled and met old friends and colleagues in beautiful Tropical North Queensland. I also received an invitation to present in an exciting Urban Heat Seminar in Cairns.

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On the complexity of city links

The city is built on weak links; it is these moments of human contact that act like electricity for the city. As a result, the city as a whole becomes more powerful than the sum of its parts and this strange phenomenon – which complexity theorists call emergence – means that the complex city offers a unique dynamism. It is also the energy behind the Ballet of Hudson Street and is the raw material from which are developed trust and community despite the strains of urban life.

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Implementation of the New Urban Agenda on a local level: An effective methodology for human-centred urban design

In 2018 David Sellars and I, along with Planz Town Planning, Milford Planning, Cairns Regional Council, Townsville City Council, Richard Briggs, and Chuck Wolfe, as our Fulbright expert, organised and hosted an Urban Thinkers Campus, a UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign initiative (I wrote about it here and here).

We recently reported our engagement method in a publication in the Journal of Urbanism, as per abstract below.

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Month in review: January 2022

I started to write this post to realise the last time I wrote a month in review was exactly one year ago – in January 2021. As I’ve written many times, it is great to look back and realise that yes, the time goes fast, but we do manage to pack lots of great things in it. These monthly reviews are my version of the ‘done list’, and they do indeed help to keep motivation and focus. Here is what happened in the first month of 2022.

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