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Second year students visit preschool

The post below was originally published at The SoLA Blog, the blog of the School of Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University.

The SoLA Blog


LASC 216 (Site Design) students have visited their very first real-life client, the Lincoln University Childhood Centre (LUECC). The site visit happened on the July 7 and was aimed at collecting information that will support a class project focused on the redesign of the LUECC outdoor area, including their gardens and playground areas.

The project involves the preparation of a landscape concept plan, and a concept for planting design. Students’ proposals shall respond to the client’s requirements as highlighted in the site visit.

Students have until July 29 to develop their proposals with the support of their tutors and project leaders Silvia Tavares and Jess Rae.

This is the first of a three-stage project where the students will then have the chance to go deeper into defining planting strategies and construction details (LASC 216 Project 2). After the conclusion of Project 2 students will have a chance to present their projects to the LUECC staff and parents…

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I think people are suspicious of schemes that offer them nothing in return. We should get rid of automobiles, but in a positive way. What we need is more things that conflict with their needs—wider sidewalks, more space for trees, even double lines of trees on some sidewalks, dead ends not for foot traffic but for automobiles, more frequent places for people to cross streets, more traffic lights—they’re an abomination to automobiles, but a boon to pedestrians. And then we should have more convenient public transportation.

We constantly sacrifice all kinds of amenities for automobiles. I think we can wear down their number by sacrificing the roadbed to some of our other needs instead. It’s a switch in values.

(Jane Jacobs) Read more…

City identity, spirit, and ethos… And people’s subtle ways of expressing their ideal view

A couple of years ago I came across an episode of the Social Science Bites – one of my favourite podcasts – which was an interview with Avner de-Shalit, an author of The Spirit of Cities: Why the Identity of a City Matters in a Global Age along with Daniel A. Bell. In that episode de-Shalit discussed what they mean by a city’s spirit or ethos, and the role of cities in people’s lives. Read more…


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