The Comfort Pursuit

Making a global agenda work locally for healthy, sustainable living in tropical Australia

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Planning and design for healthy, liveable communities in the Australian tropics can involve quite different considerations from those that apply down south. Silvia Tavares, Author provided

Silvia Tavares, James Cook University and David Sellars, James Cook University

Life in the tropics is often seen as “living in paradise”, a place where everything grows and flourishes. This picture-postcard environment is not the year-round reality. At certain times of year, intense heat, humidity and the wet season affect liveability, making outdoor activity unattractive and thereby reducing social cohesion. Read more…

Month in review: April 2018 (with a hint of February and March 2018)

Photo by John Baker on Unsplash

I am falling behind with my ‘month in review posts’. Truth is I’ve drafted February, never wrapped it up. Drafted March and combined with February, and never wrapped it up again. Double fail! It is sad, because not publishing these posts means I stop writing my achievements, and end up getting get demotivated. So consequence of not tracking? Not writing! Read more…