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Journal articles

Boulton, C., Baldwin, C., Matthews, T., & Tavares, S. G. (2023). Environmental Design for Urban Cooling, Access, and Safety: A Novel Approach to Auditing Outdoor Areas in Residential Aged Care Facilities. Land, 12(514).

Fassina, C., Jarvis, D., Tavares, S. G., & Coggan, A. (2022). Valuation of ecosystem services through offsets: Why are coastal ecosystems more valuable in Australia than in Brazil? Ecosystem Services, 56(June).

Tavares, S. G., Sellars, D., Mews, G., & Dupré, K. (2022). Implementation of the New Urban Agenda on a local level: An effective methodology for human-centred urban design. Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability, 00(00), 1–23.

Fu, J., Dupre, K., Tavares, S. G., & King, D. (2021). Optimized greenery configuration to mitigate urban heat: A decade systematic review. Frontiers of Architectural Research, 11(3), 466–491. 

Matthews, T., Baldwin, C, Boulton, C & Tavares, S. G. (2021). Integrating Green Infrastructure with Accessible Design to Reduce Heat Stress on Seniors. Edited by Mark Scott. Planning Theory & Practice, 22.

Jacquot, L., Dupré, K., Hamedani, Z & Tavares, S. G. (2021). “Australian Urban Design Guidelines: What Do We Know and What Can We Learn?” Australian Planner.

Lantsoght, E. O. L., Crepaldi, Y. T., Tavares, S. G., Leemans, K., & Paig-Tran, M. E. W. (2021). Challenges and Opportunities for Academic Parents during COVID-19. Frontiers in Psychology, 12.

Stevens N. J., Tavares S. G. and Salmon P. M. (2021) The adaptive capacity of public space under COVID ‐ 19: Exploring urban design interventions through a sociotechnical systems approach. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries.

Stevens, N.J., Tavares S. G. (2020). Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Public Spaces through a Systems Modelling Approach. Journal of Public Space 5(3): 191–206.

Tavares, S. G., & Stevens, N. J. (2020). A integração de valores e medidas de segurança no projeto de espaços públicos resilientes: Lições de desastres rápidos e lentos. Projectare, 1(10), 158–183.

Chaiechi, T., Wong, C., & Tavares, S. G. (2020). Urban Design and Economic Growth: An Analytical Tale of Two Tropical Cities. e-Tropic, 19(2), 172–200.

Lenzholzer, S., Carsjens, G. J., Brown, R. D., Tavares, S. G., Vanos, J., Kim, Y. J., & Lee, K. (2020). Awareness of urban climate adaptation strategies: An international overview. Urban Climate, 34.

Lenzholzer, S., Carsjens, G., Brown, R. D., Tavares, S., Vanos, J., Kim, Y., & Lee, K. (2020). Urban climate awareness and urgency to adapt: An international overview. Urban Climate, 33.

Tavares, S. G., Swaffield, S., & Stewart, E. J. (2019). A case-based methodology for investigating urban comfort through interpretive research and microclimate analysis in post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 46 (4). pp 731-750.

Tavares S.G. and Swaffield S (2017). Urban comfort in a future compact city: analysis of open-space qualities in the rebuilt Christchurch Central City. Landscape Review, 17(2). pp. 5-23

Tavares, S.G., (2017). Conforto Urbano: A paisagem física e social como constituinte da experiência climática. Cadernos do PROARQ 28, 47–62.


Tavares, S. G., Sellars, D., Mews, G., Dupré, K., & Towle, S. (2020). Public health and well-being in public open spaces through climate responsive urban planning and design. The Journal of Public Space, 5(2), 1–6.

Wesener A, McWilliam W, Tavares S and Birkeland J (2017) Integrated urban grey and green infrastructures. Landscape Review, 17 (2). pp. 1-4

Book chapters

Tavares, S. G. (2020). Espaces Publics Sensibles au Climat sous les Tropiques: Une Approche Urbaine Bioclimatique / Climate Responsive Public Spaces in the Tropics: A Bioclimatic Design Approach. In P. Rosier & M. Watin (Eds.), Architecture in Millieu Tropical: Construire le Paysage, entre Pratique et Recherche (pp. 142–167). Éditions de l’Espérou.

Monnier, P., Dupré, K., & Tavares, S. G. (2020). Îlots de Chaleur Urbains et Ville: La Perception des Habitants. In P. Rosier & M. Watin (Eds.), Architecture in Millieu Tropical: Construire le Paysage, entre Pratique et Recherche (pp. 200–213). Éditions de l’Espérou.

Tavares, S. G. (2018). Public Microclimates: Thermal Outdoor Expectations in Post-Earthquake Christchurch (New Zealand). In S. Roesler & M. Kobi (Eds.), The Urban Microclimate as Artifact: Towards an Architectural Theory of Thermal Diversity. Birkhäuser.

Silva, H. da C., & Tavares, S. G. (2016). Meio ambiente: Encontro entre arquitetura e sustentabilidade. In S. M. Benini & J. A. R. de G. Rosin (Orgs.), Estudos Urbanos: Uma abordagem interdisciplinar da cidade contemporânea (p. 121–130). Tupã, SP, Brazil: ANAP – Associação Amigos da Natureza da Alta Paulista.

Tavares, S. G., Takahashi, E., & Castro, R. C. (2010). A relação entre urbanidade e clima na configuração de uma paisagem cultural em Palmas. In L. M. Gazzaneo (Ed.), Da Baixa Pombalina à Brasília: Iluminismo e contemporaneidade em países e espaços de língua portuguesa (Vol. 2, pp. 290-311). Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Editora da UFRJ. (presentation here)

Book reviews

Tavares S (2017) Book review of “Sustainability and Resilience in the Built Environment” by Emilio Jose Garcia and Brenda Vale. New York, NY, USA, Routledge, 2017. ISBN: 978–1–138–64402–1. Landscape Review, 17 (2). pp. 88-90


Tavares S. G. and Sellars D. (2018) Urban Liveability in Tropical Australia Through Urban Diaries and Community Engagement – UTC 3.0 International Forum Report. Cairns and Townsville, Australia.

Full papers published in conference proceedings

Cotter, G., Chaiechi, T., & Tavares, S. G. (2019). State of abandon: The role of governance in the recurrent and cyclical nature of class conflict in the lives of mining communities in Australia. 33rd Annual Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, 1208–1220.

Tavares, S. G., (2017). Urban Climate Adaptation through Design and Planning: A New Zealand Perspective. Paper published at the 10th International Urban Design Conference, 13-15 November, Gold Coast, Australia.

Cocozza, G. P., Tavares, S. G. (2014). O ensino de paisagismo no Brasil e na Nova Zelândia: Um estudo comparativo entre UFU e a Lincoln University. Paper published at the 12 ENEPEA (Encontro Nacional de Ensino de Paisagismo em Escolas de Arquitetura e Urbanismo no Brasil), 25-30 August, Vitória (ES), Brazil.

Cocozza, G. P., Tavares, S. G. (2013). Expression of city edges in different cultures and its influence on urban landscape design: A comparison between the urban-rural interface in Brazil and New Zealand medium sized cities. Paper presented at the 20th ISUF, 17-20 July, Brisbane, Australia.

Tavares, S. G., Swaffield, S. R., & Stewart, E. J. (2013). Sustainability, microclimate and culture in post-earthquake Christchurch. Paper published at the 50th IFLA World Congress, 10-12 April, Auckland, New Zealand.

Tavares, S. G., Swaffield, S. R., & Stewart, E. J. (2013). The socio-cultural meaning of urban comfort and its implications for urban landscape design. Paper presented at the CELA Annual Meeting, 27-30 March, Austin (TX), USA. (presentation here)

Freitas, A. O., Tavares, S. G., Santos, R. S., & Oliveira, M. C. A. (2010). Estudos bioclimáticos e tecnologias para elaboração de projeto arquitetônico em Palmas (TO). In XIII Encontro Nacional de Tecnologia do Ambiente Construído – Avanços científicos e impactos da pesquisa em tecnologia do ambiente construído: como avaliar? (Vol. 1).

Tavares, S. G., & Silva, H. C. (2008). Daylight simulation in buildings. Paper presented at the PLEA 2008, 22-24 October, Dublin, Ireland.

Silva, H. C., Kinsel, L. S.,  & Tavares, S. G. (2008). Climate analysis and strategies for bioclimatic design purposes. Paper presented at the PLEA 2008, 22-24 October, Conference Proceedings, Dublin – Ireland.

Tavares, S. G., & Silva, H. C. (2007). Brazilian Solar Architecture – an analysis of MESP daylighting system. Paper presented at the ISES – Solar World Congress, 18-21 September, Beijing, China.

Tavares, S. G., Silva, H. C., & Kinsel, L. S. (2006). Parametric Lighting Studies. Paper presented at the PLEA 2006, 6-8 September, Genève, Switzerland.

Abstracts published from conference presentations

Stevens, N. J., Tavares, S. G., & Melo, A. (2022). Enhanced Policy Outcomes and Community Consultation through the Accurate Visualisation of Complex Urban Systems. 10th State of Australasian Cities Conference (SOAC).

Baldwin, C., Matthews, T., Boulton, C., & Tavares, S. (2022). Emerging Empirical Insights on the Potential of Green Infrastructure to Mitigate Heat Stress and Improve Access , Inclusion , and Safety in Australian Aged Care Facilities. 10th State of Australasian Cities Conference (SOAC).

Tavares, S., Dupré, K., Smith, B., & Smith, S. (2022). Urban Design Solutions for Ameliorating Urban Heat Island in Ipswich, Queensland. 10th State of Australasian Cities Conference (SOAC).

Swaffield, S. R; Tavares, S. G.; Stewart , E. J. (2014). A combined methodology for investigating urban comfort in a city undergoing post-disaster transitions. Paper presented at the CELA Annual Meeting, 26-29 March, Baltimore (MD), USA.

Magazines and websites

Tavares, S. G., & Stevens, N. (2020). Cities will endure, but urban design must adapt to coronavirus risks and fears. The Conversation, 7 May 2020.

Chaiechi, T. & Tavares, S. (2019). Urban growth, heat islands, humidity, climate change: the costs multiply in tropical cities. The Conversation, 10 September 2019.

Tavares, S. G., & Chaiechi, T. (2019). City temperatures and city economics, a hidden relationship between sun and wind and profits. The Conversation. 14 June 2019.

Dupré, K., Coulon, J. & Tavares, S. (2019). Healthy, happy and tropical – world’s fastest-growing cities demand our attention. The Conversation, 28 March 2019.

Tavares, S.G., Dupré, K. (2019). Planning and designing multi-services green infrastructure: The case of Cairns. My Liveable City.

Tavares, S. G., & Dupré, K. (2018). Cities can grow without wrecking reefs and oceans. Here’s how. The Conversation, 11 December 2018.

Tavares, S. G., & Sellars, D. (2018). Making a global agenda work locally for healthy, sustainable living in tropical Australia. The Conversation, 6 June 2018.

Tavares, S. G.; Cocozza, Glauco de Paula. A reconstrução de Christchurch. Arquiteturismo, São Paulo, ano 09, n. 098.04, Vitruvius, maio 2015 <>.

PhD Thesis in Urban Landscapes
Tavares, S. G. (2015). Urban Comfort: Adaptive capacity in post-earthquake Christchurch. PhD Thesis. Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand. (Available here)

Masters Dissertation in Architecture and Urban Habitability
Tavares, S. G. (2007). Simulação computacional para projeto de iluminação em arquitetura. Masters Dissertation. UFRGS – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre (RS), Brazil. (presentation here)

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