NExT Forum: Climate Responsive Urban Design

On 7th November I will have the honour of being part of a trialog of experts discussing climate-responsive urban design and planning. Information from from the flyer, also attached below:

Climate Responsive Urban Design is an important topic as we are experiencing the impacts of global warming across Australia. Together as urban designers and planners we have the chance to mitigate the extreme impacts of urban heating, adapt to the situations that can no longer be changed, and become agents for change to ensure a healthy future. With this special NExT FORUM, we celebrate emerging talents through the honours thesis presentations and seek to engage with you on this critical issue, by showcasing latest evidence and disrupt the mainstream discourse. We will have a stimulating Expert TRIALOG to open up space for new ways of thinking about a (sub)urban FUTURE that sets us on a trajectory to the creation of microclimatic conditions for human comfort and health. Once more we will question contemporary practices, push conceptual boundaries, provoke conversation across disciplines, gender, backgrounds, age and viewpoints. Don’t miss out, be brave, make the TIME, let us codesign a future worth caring about.


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