it is #AcWriMo time!

ImageFor the past year I have been reading on some of my favourite blogs comments about #AcWriMo. If you have not heard of it yet, #AcWriMo stands for Academic Writing Month and is inspired by the NaNoWriMo for novelists. The idea is to push yourself and some people say it is possible to write a whole novel in a month!

The ‘month-long academic write-a-thon that happens every November’ is organized by the PhD2Published website, where you can read the official 2013 announcement.

To join #AcWriMo you just need to be involved with any kind of academic writing: papers, articles, reports, book chapters, dissertation or thesis and go to the website and sign up on the spreadsheet. The central idea is to create a community, to give some accountability and to put a lot of focus on writing.

I signed up yesterday. My goal is to have by 30 November the first draft of two of my thesis chapters: Chapter 2 – Literature Review and Theoretical Framework – and Chapter 3 – Methodology. My daily goal is five hours of thesis writing or ten pomodoros a day, plus three hours on Saturdays. Sunday is my thesis-free day.

I am not going too far here because a lot have been published about #AcWriMo and you can find a lot of great content about it on the web. However, if you need some stimulation to join it, I suggest you read why the Thesis Whisperer changed her mind about #AcWriMo. You can also check the #hashtag on Twitter and read some interesting reviews from last year’s experiment by Rachael Cayley from Explorations of Style and Dr Raul Pacheco-Vega.

I will be sharing my progress towards the ‘ultimate goal’ on Twitter.

What are you waiting for? It starts tomorrow!

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