14 months later… This blog is changing its domain

Photo by Jennifer Langley, sourced from Unsplash
Photo by Jennifer Langley, sourced from Unsplash

When this blog was created, over a year ago, it was a sort of test. I always liked the virtual life – actually my interest started in 1995, a long time ago! As I have written earlier here, I had a ‘personal’ blog for a few years, which used to be written in my mother language: Portuguese. That was the start.

The intention since then was that if I did enjoy blogging I would at some stage set up a proper domain for The Comfort Pursuit… And the time has come.

The Comfort Pursuit found its home.

This blog is changing its web address. If you access you will automatically be redirected to the new address: But in case you have added it to your feedly or other reader, please update the web address so the content keeps being delivered to you.

Many thanks for sharing your comments and perspectives here, on twitter and facebook. It has been extremely valuable through this PhD journey.

There still a lot more to come…

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