Article published on The Press: ‘The case for cultural connection in city’

With the note “Christchurch is being urged in consider[sic] urban comfort in the city’s rebuild”, The Press – Christchurch’s main newspaper – published yesterday an article about my doctorate research at Lincoln University.

Part of the article is available on the Press Reader (here), and the full version can also be read as a Lincoln University media release here.

2 thoughts on “Article published on The Press: ‘The case for cultural connection in city’”

    1. Hi Gregory,

      Thanks for your interest on my research. I have made a list of publications and presentations, which is available online and has a link to access the documents. You can have access to it on the publications link on the menu above or on this link:

      I have other articles that I cannot make available online, but can send to you on email if you wish. There are also a couple of papers that are about to be published in journals, and I will defend my PhD thesis in two weeks time, so they will soon be available as well.

      If you’d like to keep in touch or would like to get a copy of these articles I mentioned, could you please send a message with your email address? It would be great if you could do it here: or send me an email on

      Thanks again.


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