Article published in Portuguese: The Christchurch rebuild

A couple of months ago Glauco Cocozza and I had an article published in the Brazilian magazine Arquiteturismo, part of the Vitruvius magazine.

In the article we discuss a ‘study visit’ (as we call it in Brazil) that Glauco made to New Zealand after attending to the ISUF 2013 in Brisbane, Australia, where he presented our work entitled Expression of city edges in different cultures and its influence on urban landscape design: A comparison between the urban-rural interface in Brazil and New Zealand medium sized cities. During his visit to Christchurch he also presented this work in a seminar at Lincoln University.

This time we wrote about the Christchurch rebuild in Portuguese. The article is available here.

* * *

How to quote the article:

TAVARES, Silvia Garcia; COCOZZA, Glauco de Paula . A reconstrução de Christchurch. Arquiteturismo, São Paulo, ano 09, n. 098.04, Vitruvius, maio 2015 <;.

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