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When Strangers Meet: How People You Don't Know Can Transform YouWhen Strangers Meet: How People You Don’t Know Can Transform You by Kio Stark
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love talking to and meeting strangers and this book is a pleasure to read. Although it is not directly about urbanism, there are so many aspects of human relationships that should be taken into account in urban design. How can we promote these encounters, this exchange?

“(…) a moment of communion like that isn’t common, but you can find little ones when you offer a smile in passing by someone you don’t know. For me this special way of feeling connected to people I share a world with is essential to my existence without it, even when I am immersed in the love of my family and friends I feel a pinch of loneliness and disconnection. When I feel that way I hit the sidewalk (…)”

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