Month in review: September 2017

It is almost mid-October already and I haven’t done my ‘September month in review yet’. It somehow feels like the month hasn’t finished, or that I am losing track with my work progress, so here it is.

September was a strange month. We lost a beloved family member and I spent some time in New Zealand. Things got a bit delayed on the work front, but it was an important family time.



I continued working on the data analysis for the ‘Urban Climate Adaptation: A New Zealand Contribution’.

The ‘Podcasting Urbanism’ project is out. If you like listening to podcasts and is interested in urbanism, please respond our survey here. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes of your time (Thanks! =) ). Regarding this same project, we have started undertaking a more systematic literature review and analysing the data we already have.

The project ‘Blending technology and studio teaching’ is also progressing well and we are hoping to have a first draft of the literature review by mid-November.



In September I worked on a book review of ‘Unravelling Sustainability and Resilience in the Built Environment’ by Emilio Garcia and Brenda Vale. The book review will soon be published in the Landscape Review Journal.

I also submitted an application for the Fulbright Specialist Program. Fingers crossed, and hopefully more on this in the following months.

I completed a paper review for the Cadernos do PROARQ. A Brazilian academic journal focused on Architecture and Urbanism, of which I am now a reviewer.

Finally, I worked on the final reviews of an upcoming article to be published in the Landscape Review Journal, as well as on the final comments on the book review to be published in the same journal.



I was meant to teach a class on weather and climate into Human Geography, but this had to be postponed to October. So, nothing much happened regarding teaching.



I attended the Ageing in Place event here in Cairns. This event was focused upon rethinking housing following the changing demographics of our city and region.

I also attended an ARC (Australian Research Council) workshop about competitive grants I may apply in the future, and a Media Training Workshop to practice giving interviews for TV, radio and newspapers. Very interesting and scary in some ways, and in a shameless moment, I am publishing the radio practice here. Please don’t judge, it was practice and this is the full file, with no editions. An interesting practice though, and there you go… Another learning moment!


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