Landscapes that make places

Palm Cove is a pretty special place. My followers on Instagram will know how hard it is for me to avoid taking photos of the beach and its surroundings. I have dozens of photos of the same landscape, which is never ‘the same thing’.

Apparently Palm Cove is the capital of weddings of Australia, and although it is not the most populous (it has around 1000 inhabitants, while Trinity Beach has around 4000), it is the most urbanised beach in Cairns. When I first arrived and started trying to work out what is it that makes this beach so special and more touristic than the others (there are seven main beaches in Cairns), locals answered with one work: Melaleucas. Some of Palm Cove Melaleuca trees are over 400 years old, and are amongst the largest of their species in Australia.

Walking along Williams Esplanade is interesting to see how the local community and business cherish and preserve these trees. Buildings, footpaths and landscaping were developed around them, and their trunks can be seen inside of pubs, restaurants, and tourism information centres.

These trees do give a unique character to this suburb by the beach, making it a special place. More photos here.


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