#15minacwri – Embracing the writing challenge

I have had a system of tracking my writing for years… Many years. Some times I felt like I didn’t need it anymore, and tried to stop using it, but then realised without it I don’t produce much… Actually I produce almost nothing. So, usually in despair, I get back to my tracking spreadsheets, improve them, add stats (love to see the charts and graphs by the end of the month!) and keep pushing myself. There is a draft post about the system I have been using, and I will write about it soon.

For now I just wanted to share that, for around a year, I’ve had a challenge (me, myself and I) of writing 2 hours a day. This is based on multiple advices from Twitter and blogging academics. But the truth is that recently I haven’t been able to fulfill my goal. Of course there are days when I write more than 2 hours, but normally for around 60% of the month I don’t meet this goal. So I am modifyidng the challenge and joining the #15minacwri under the advice of Jo VanEvery (@JoVanEvery on Twitter), you can read about it here. So the new goal is: minimum time per day dedicated to writing/research is 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter that it is not much, and – sorry Jo – I will keep writing for longer when I can, but the main point is that I do want to see 100% of the days (from 12th March to 12th April) with the goal fulfilled.

Anyone up for a challenge?

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