Book recommendation: ‘Write No Matter What: Advice for Academics’, by Joli Jensen

Write No Matter What: Advice for AcademicsWrite No Matter What: Advice for Academics by Joli Jensen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“In order to be productive we need frequent, low-stress contact with a writing project we enjoy.”

I really try to follow the advice on the quote above. Through the years I have developed a self-commitment to getting in touch daily with whichever project I am working at a time. Jensen offers great insights into how to organise the working days and projects, and I particularly like the A, B, C energy levels dedicated to A, B, C type tasks. This is something that I will certainly think of more closely in the future. I have tried things like the ‘ventilation file’ which doesn’t work very well for my own way of working.

This is a great book, and as someone who doesn’t feel motivated but has embarked in a ‘solo’ writing mode years ago, I particularly like chapters 27 and 28. The structure of the writing groups is a great guide, and I will definitely try to start one in my own department.

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