Month in review: January and February 2018

Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

I returned to work after parental leave just over a month ago. This post is also a return to a self-analysis series of ‘month in reviews’ which has helped me keep motivated. These posts haven’t been published for almost a year now, so it is time for a return and a bit of update now that life seems to be finding its way to a new normal. So here is what happened in the last month and a bit (I returned to work on 21st January):



I returned to a sensing cities project that is investigating urban heat islands in the CBD of Cairns. Still a lot to do, but we are slowly making progress.

There is also a new exciting project coming up, it involves technology and urban design, and more on this will come soon.



With a colleague, we finalised a magazine article to the Indian My Liveable City magazine. We also started writing a couple of grants we intend to apply for soon.

With a different group of colleagues, this month we also started the GOAW Group (Goal-Oriented Academic Writing Group). I will write another post about this later, but essentially it is a space for us to discuss writing systems and progress.



I presented a work on community participation and engagement at Griffith University in the Gold Coast at the HHCTE Workshop (Happy Healthy Cities in Tropical Environment). This was a very nice presentation to prepare as I discussed the participatory budget of my hometown in Brazil.



Although my classes haven’t started yet, I have been preparing a couple of Professional Placement projects for students and also Special Topics.



This area was weak this past month, but I am sure with all workshops and trainings I have scheduled, it will get busy in this space soon.


This wasn’t a very productive month when compared to past ones, but I am currently working only three days a week so it is not comparable I think. Let’s see what March reserves!

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