Urban Planning & Design for the Sustainable Development Goals

Dr Taha Chaiechi and I are delivering a presentation this Thursday (29th August) about the JCU Urban Thinkers Campus and their related topics. More information below. We hope to see you there.


Free Public Seminar: “Urban Planning & Design for the Sustainable Development Goals”

A JCU Public Seminar Series

This is the fifth seminar in JCU’s Public Seminar Series: “Partnering for impact on the SDGs: from local to global”.

Presentation 1: “JCU Urban Thinkers Campus: Action plans for healthy, prosperous and sustainable cities”. Dr Silvia Tavares, JCU College of Science and Engineering, and Dr Taha Chaiechi, JCU College of Business Law and Governance. Presenting from Cairns.

Presentation 2: “Landscape approach needed to improve farmers’ livelihoods while reforesting degraded reserves in Ghana”. Emmanuel Acheampong, JCU College of Science and Engineering. Presenting from Cairns.

Refreshments provided. All welcome.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address global challenges: poverty, inequality, climate, environmental change, prosperity, peace and justice.

In 2016, JCU became the first Australian university signatory to the SDGs. Through this commitment, JCU seeks to support and promote the principles of the SDGs through its research, teaching, and operations.

This seminar series seeks to demonstrate JCU’s impact on the SDGs from the local to the global. This series celebrates the applied research of JCU researchers and their external partners across Cairns, Townsville, the Wet Tropics, Northern Australia, and the Asia-Pacific. The 6-month program will include presentations on JCU’s large-scale projects led by senior researchers and our professorial team, and new and emergent projects being undertaken by PhD Candidates and Early Career Researchers.


The seminar series was developed by JCU’s Sustainable Development Working Group in partnership with the Centre for Tropical Environmental Sustainability Science, the State of the Tropics, the Cairns Institute, and TropEco.

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