Month in review: May 2020

Better late than never, and before I forget all that happened last month, here it is.

The key realisation this past month was that the more life progresses, the more I realise that I am a learner. Very few things in life nurture my soul as much as learning, so this month I enrolled in three online courses and am seriously considering formally enrolling in a Diploma as well… More on this later… Maybe… If I am brave enough!

Here is what happened.



I have been working with a colleague from Brazil to finalise and publish a manucrpit that has been (extremely) delayed. Our idea is to publish that one and expand the analysis to two or three other locations.

I have also participated in a grant application with researchers from Australia and China.



We’ve got a paper accepted (with required revision) in an important journal in my area of work. I’ve also submitted an article to the Journal of Public Space along with Nicholas Stevens to a Special Issue about public spaces post-COVID-19, and we¬†had an article published in The Conversation.

I also had two resubmissions and one revision of an accepted conference paper to be published as a book chapter.



There were no presentations, but there were two more interviews. This time one of the interviews was for ABC Newcastle and the second one for the University Technology Sydney (UTS). Both interviews were about the future of Public Spaces post COVID-19.



The semester finished in the end of May and then came the marking. Almost done by now.



I have been in a drawing mood – all courses I’ve bought or subscribed to are about design and art. I’ve also read ‘Draw your day’ by Samantha Dion Baker.

On a more technical side, I have been working on ENVI-met. This has been on my list of skills to improve for a long time.


And now it is almost July already. June has been busy and a new post is coming soon.

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