Urban Design and Town Planning in response to COVID-19

I have recently started a new project which looks into adopting Human Factors and Ergonomic & Sociotechnical Systems (HFE & STS) methods to assist in the exploration and description of COVID-19 lockdown impacts on public spaces in Australia. I am working on this project with Nick Stevens and we are looking at past ‘fast disasters’ and the pandemic as a ‘slow disaster’. Traumatic and rapid events that affect the built environment tend to generate visible changes and, as a consequence, change is the only way forward. While the current situation of COVID-19 presents itself as a ‘slow disaster’, we investigate the lessons from fast disasters in making urban spaces safer and more resilient in face of potential future disease outbreaks.

We have recently published an article on The Conversation and have two academic articles under review. If you’d like to know more and hear about updates, you can follow this project on Research Gate. Any comments are very welcome.

* * *

Featured image from Unsplash: Balcony Concerts. I would like through this illustration to show solidarity, generosity, creativity between people even with social distancing. We are all together and we are all support and take care of everyone ! Image created by Catherine Cordasco. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives – help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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