Blended learning for design communication studio

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

From next year I will be teaching Design Communication at JCU. This subject is a core subject in the new Major in Urban Environments and Landscape Design.

This is not a new subject for me, as this was the very first experience I had as a tutor in Brazil when I was still an undergrad student. Then I lectured the subject at UFT also in Brazil, and later on in New Zealand.

Despite all these years, the way it will be delivered this time is completely new and challenging to me. Read more…

‘Tech 4’ Academic Networking: ResearchGate

Photo by Dietmar Becker, sourced from Unsplash
Photo by Dietmar Becker, sourced from Unsplash

Work in academia is grounded on knowledge development and exchange of information. Some believe this should be a good reason for academics to be interested and get engaged in social networks. ResearchGate is built on this idea. Its main purpose is to facilitate the exchange of papers and research information. What differentiates this network from many others is the discussions it generates and the way it encourages researchers to share raw data and failed or unpublished work as well as good ones. The intention is to stop researchers wasting their time trying what has been tried before.
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‘Tech 4’ sharing presentations: SlideShare


The time allocated for presentations in academic conferences is usually short. Besides that, some conferences have several parallel sessions and we usually feel like we are missing lots of interesting presentations. If you have been in any of these situations, you probably wished your work had more exposure or to have access to some of the presentations you missed. Read more…