The new “translate” tool

When I decided to write this blog I had all the ideas described in the first post, including bi-lingual publications. I have to confess that the very idea of bi-lingual publications was what stopped me writing here for the past five months. It is a ‘big-enough’ challenge to write in English being English my second language, and having to write everything twice was just too much.

The blog has to me a character – or at least this is the character I hope it will assume – of a virtual place to informally share my research passion, questions, findings, challenges, process and so forth. This also means sometimes it will be a brief post. Again… An incompatible idea with the bi-lingual posts.

To fix the problem and help me saving my time – and have more time to my research and to find interesting things to share here! – I added on the top right hand side the links to translate this blog to French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. For all other languages the posts can also be copied to Google Translate.

Hope it works well and for all!

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