Urbane Behaglichkeit in Aachen


If you are from Aachen or have any type of routine in the city (live, work, study…), your contribution would invaluable to this research.

I wrote before about the work I have been doing here at the ILS (Institut für Landes- und Stadtentwicklungsforschung gGmbH), in Aachen.

I believe that postdocs related to our previous research should take the past work as a starting point, but build on and improve it. So, in this research I am extending the methodology previously applied in my doctorate, and exploring the meanings of urban comfort in Aachen with the addition of an online survey (you can read about urban comfort here and here). This survey is aimed at investigating the connections between urban culture, lifestyles and microclimate in Aachen. All information collected will be kept anonymous and is only accessible by me. The survey takes around 10 minutes.

The questionnaire is in German and is available here.

vielen Danke!

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