Science at the Shine Dome

I am extremely honoured to have been nominated by James Cook University to attend the Science at the Shine Dome hosted by the Australian Academy of Sciences.

The event will take place from 28th to 30th May and will have a series of presentations and workshops. In this event the new Academy Fellows will be admitted and will present seminars.


From the Australian Academy of Science website:

“Founded in 1954 by Australia’s top scientists, the Australian Academy of Science is an independent organisation dedicated to fostering a scientific culture and recognising excellence in science.

Science at the Shine Dome is a three-day event in May each year where Australia’s most influential scientists gather at the Shine Dome in Canberra to celebrate science and to honour outstanding achievements in science. This year, Science at the Shine Dome is on Tuesday 28 to Thursday 30 May and features a symposium titled Power Up Australia, the sustainable way.

Science at the Shine Dome is an event for researchers from all disciplines and career levels to come together and share knowledge. This includes the admission of new Fellows to the Australian Academy of Science, national awards to honour excellence at all career levels, a networking Gala Dinner with industry and political representatives, and a high-powered symposium on an issue of national importance. A major focus at Science at the Shine Dome is giving early to mid career researchers professional development and the opportunity to engage with senior scientists.

Science at the Shine Dome attracts a national and international audience of over 400 people and boundless networking opportunities with Australian Academy Fellows, Chief Scientists, Nobel Prize winners, early and mid-career researchers, government representatives, politicians, media, science associated organisations, and the science interested general public. Online, Science at the Shine Dome reaches audiences of over 500,000 people on a range of social media and digital technology platforms to make the event truly global in every sense.”


Besides all the event’s interesting schedule and the networking opportunities, I am also looking forward to visiting Canberra for the first time – even though I won’t see much of the city itself – and to see the Shine Dome which is a National Heritage Place.

(Note: Featured image is the Australian Academy of Science’s Shine Dome in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. Source: Bidgee)

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