The law of delay and the priority principle

Before I resume my blog activity and explain why I have been – quiet for probably a year, and – silent for the past five months, the quote below seems appropriate. Life has to get back to some sort of known normality.

THE LAW OF DELAY: That which can be delayed, will be.

THE PRIORITY PRINCIPLE: That which can be delayed, need not be. Decide which recurrent, daily activities you enjoy and make them contingent on doing a valued but delayable task first.

The priority principle simply says that if you’re not writing as much as you would like, you’re not making writing a realistic priority.

Boice, Robert. Professors as Writers: A Self-Help Guide to Productive Writing (The New Forums Press Scholarly Writing and Research Series Book 1) (Kindle Location 1209-1210; 1215-1217; 1219). Scholarly Writing and Research. Kindle Edition.

2 thoughts on “The law of delay and the priority principle”

  1. Love this quote! Thanks for sharing.

    On the topic of making writing a priority, I recommend listening to the “Academic Women Amplified” podcast. It is fairly short, and full of practical, pragmatic advice.

    1. Thanks Ana! I definitely need it. I used to track a lot of my writing and stopped it thinking I didn’t need it anymore…. Well, I obviously still do. I will check out the podcast.

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