Month in review: June 2020

We are already half way through 2020! While it was looking like things were starting to feel a bit more normal – we have been talking about going back to campus, for example – Australia has just had a new outbreak. Although it is not close to where I live, everyone is again watching closely to see what happens next.

Nevertheless, I have been woking on some important projects, classes and documents; while striving to find some sort of normality and time for myself. I’ve become a member of a pilates studio and am trying to practive twice a week. I also walk or run at least once every weekend. This is far less than the amound of exercise I am used to practice, but it is something at least.

I’ve finalised this month my Probation Plan at USC. In Australia the probation plan is a three year document that guides objectives and aspirations, and develops a plan to achieve those.

My son – who also turned 2 in June! – is back in childcare three days a week and I am lucky that my husband is flexible to look after him twice a week, but it is about to change. While it doesn’t, this is what happened in June…



I have been working on a research in Portuguese related to the project Urban Design and Town Planning in response to COVID-19. In addition, my contribution to the wider research community was a review of a book chapter.



I have a goal of publishing one journal article in Portuguese per year, and this is what I have been working on this month – related to the research above.



Along with my colleague Dr Nicholas Stevens, I presented a seminar entitled Embedding safety values into urban design for resilient public spaces as part of the Webinar Series 2020: A Year without Public Space under the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The presentation was also related to our current project on Urban Design and Town Planning in response to COVID-19.



While we are in the semester break at USC and I finalised the marking and the grades, one of my HDR students presented his research and handed in his final report at JCU.



In the process of preparing my probation plan, I decided to invite my PhD co-supervisor to officially be my mentor during these next years. Emma Stewart is a person whom I’ve admired for years and it is great to know I will be able to be in touch and learn more with her.

I am also still investing in my drawing practice. As my struggle has always been time, I am considering setting up a challenge for myself for the month of July: drawing everyday for 30 days. Let’s see how it goes.

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