Month in review: July 2020

It feels July passed by very quickly, and it is almost mid-August already. While in Queensland we seem to be getting closer to recovering some sort of normality, in my home country of Brazil things seem to be getting worse and worse.

In July I got a bit tired of the tracking system I have been using for around 6 years – aka a filofax-style planner – and decided to change to a new type of planner. So far so good, I am actually enjoying the lightness of my new Moleskine Planner, but July felt a bit messy with this change. This is my endless search for a work/personal system that is easy to update and helps me to keep on top of things and save memories. It is a new attempt to keep everything in the same place – I was previously trying to to keep a planner+diary, but it was too much to update and was rarely a priority. Besides these changes, here is what happened work-wise.



Some ‘old’ research projects resumed as COVID got a bit more under control.

I also joined forces with academic parents from all continents to work on a project led by Eva Lantsoght, from PhD Talk. Eva was a source of inspiration during my PhD years and I am very honoured to work with her. Very exciting, as Yvonne well described:

I also reviewed of book chapter proposal for an edited volume a colleague from Singapore is preparing.


Writing and publications

I have a goal of publishing at least one article per year in Portuguese, and in July I’ve submitted an article Brazilian Journal. The article is part of this project with Nick Stevens.

Interestingly I submitted this article in Portuguese with a colleague from Australia, and resumed working on a journal article in English with colleagues from Brazil.

Finally, publications-wise, one of the articles I have been working on with Sanda Lenzholzer et al has also been published in the journal of Urban Climate, and is open access and available here.



Still related to the Urban Design and Town Planning in response to COVID-19 research project, my colleague Nick Stevens and I presented a webinar as part of the series ‘2020: A Year without Public Space under the COVID-19’Pandemic’, organised by the Journal of Public Space and City Space Architecture.



In the teaching front I finalised Semester 1 marking for the ‘Urban Design and Town Planning Principles and Practice’ (ENP101) course and started preparing Semester 2 Planning Theory and Governance course (ENP103).

My graduate student from James Cook University also finalised his thesis and presented his work.



I have invested (very little) time learning ENVI-met and drawing a little bit. I really want to improve my skills in urban climate simulation. This is my current biggest challenge.

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