Urban design policy recommendations for mitigating the human health risks associated with heatwaves

Ryan McNeilly-Smith and I are undertaking a research project on how urban design solutions can assist in mitigating the human health risks associated with extreme heat events.

This project is aimed at identifying avenues for policy implementation of best practice solutions, within a South-East Queensland (SEQ, Australia) context. The project also explores built environment professional’s understanding of extreme heat and heat-mitigation design. Key methods used to address the research aims are:

  1. a review of three SEQ local government’s heat-mitigation-related statutory and non-statutory policy documents;
  2. an online survey targeted at built environment professionals across SEQ; and
  3. semi-structured interviews with built environmental professionals working in the Sunshine Coast region.


The survey is open and if you are a built environment professional or academic working in SEQ in the areas of urban planning or design, architecture or landscape architecture, we would be delighted to hear from you. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes, the research project follows appropriate ethics protocols including ensuring anonymity and ability to withdraw participation in the research at any time. Only the researchers will have access to any identifying information.

The survey is available here and you can follow project updates on ResearchGate.

For further information, the project information sheet is available on the online survey page.

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