Book recommendation: ‘Paris, Paris: Journey Into the City of Light’, by David Downie

Paris, Paris: Journey Into the City of Light
Paris, Paris: Journey Into the City of Light by David Downie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In my personal opinion Paris is the most amazing city in the world, despite all places I have visited and seen in the last eight years after I’ve been to the city for the first time. This book makes the experience of being in the “City of Light” even more magic. Its history and stories, notable and ordinary dwellers, day and night life, its museums, boulevards, cemeteries, ‘bateaus’, its Parisian ‘chiens’ and coffee culture, and so many other fascinating aspects that constitute Paris’ uniqueness. If you are in love with the French capital, are about to travel and live its magic and want to know more about its hidden beauties, or maybe if you are a skeptic former visitor who cannot feel its unique atmosphere, this should be a compulsory addition to your library.

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